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Around since 2007, E-Cigarette Forum (ECF) is far and away the biggest name in vaping communities. Set up in the traditional database forum layout, ECF now has more than 250,000 members – a small fraction of whom are regularly active each day.

ECF is extremely beginner-friendly, and does a good job helping guests and new members navigate its admittedly unwieldy waters. There is a clearly defined “new vapers” section, with a treasure trove of new vaper advice, product definitions, tutorials, e-liquid/nicotine comparisons, and helpful dos and don’ts.

And, just to ensure newcomers don’t come in to wreak havoc and bail, a minimum of 10 posts is required before new registrants can post outside of the “New Members” section. You need to crawl before you walk.


While the new vapers area is invaluable for getting people off on the right foot, the real meat of the site comes from the unbelievable variety of vaping-related discussions. Everything from products and preferences to laws and legislation are debated on a very high level, with little of the sophomoric flame-throwing that is all-too-prevalent on social media.

In turn, there are amazingly deep reviews and opinions to be had for any store or product you can imagine, ranging from gas station cig-a-likes to five-battery mods. It’s incredibly thorough, with a very strong community of regulars ready to chime in and help.

A few items of note about ECF

It’s all-too-easy to get lost in the threads and cross-links, but the information and opinions are there ten-fold. And highly knowledgeable administrators and moderators ensure there aren’t a slew of repeat threads or dead threads.

That said, a handful of members and staff can be a little – shall we say – assertive. While those familiar with the site from daily visits will know where to find information in the extensive archives, some members of the community assume new visitors have read every one of them.

In other words, if it appears you’re being hasty in asking a question or posting a topic, you can and will be warned. Do it again, and you face banishment. Seriously.

Truth be told, many find the short-tempered shtick to be more than a little silly. But it’s also avoidable. ECF’s built-in search engine is a good one, and will generally succeed in delivering the right links for your queries. So, before you pop a question on a whim, do your homework, and you shouldn’t face any trouble.

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